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We provide affordable high definition live video recording for individual players and bands.


Our philosophy is about playing and recording live music and capturing its energy and spontaneity.


The benefits of having a good quality video are obvious:  great for promotion and self-improvement!


If you are you are a solo musician who uses backing tracks a band can be provided to give your act a much more natural and realistic feel.


Please refer to the clips below as samples.

Live performance video recording

Vocal duo

Solo Musician


This act normally use backing tracks and had never worked together with a band. The musicians are reading charts and the performance was recorded after just three run throughs.


One camera only and in a fixed position.

Recorded using just one camera in a fixed location. It was done to demonstrate the sound from a mid range drum kit.

Here is a band that had not played together for many years! The lead singer now lives in the US and essentially it was simply a get together for a fun time followed by a night out in Manchester!


There are two cameras used but again they are in a fixed position.

Band rehearsal demonstrating recording by ourselves and the video work done by Carillon Video