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Hans Ove Blo's Arctic White BLX on stage in Norway

Helge Jensen Studio BLX configurations - Bergen Norway

Jonathon Hoey - UK - Piano Black BLX

Nik Szymanek - UK - Sequoia Red BLX

Robert Engelman - Netherlands

Double Bass BLX

Rod Archer - Australia -

Natural MLX

Karl Fabricius UK

MLX Snare Drum

Rick West-UK - BLX

Steven Hillier - Bass

Allan Shaw - USA - CZX

Ex Will Calhoun


Vince MacAlasdair - UK

Piano Black MLX

Glenn Collins - MLX

"The Auteurs" UK

Thanks very much to customers who took the trouble to send a picture of kits we supplied including parts and individual drums.  I will be adding more kits and sorry for the delay in getting around to this. Also apologies if your kit is not shown yet - We will be updating this page over time....

Helge Jensen Jazz MLX set - Bergen Norway

Gus Valen Arctic White MLX -  Original owner from 1986 - Ohio USA

Stephen McGarrigle - 1989 Arctic White BLX - Original owner Scotland - UK

Bob Schillemans - Netherlands

Restored CZX 14" x 8" Snare Drum with full set of HL- 08T Lugs

Daniel Rice - UK - Sheer Blue MLX - Studio Recording



Steve Drizos - Portland USA - BLX lifelong player

Marcel Bender - Sinsheim Germany - Sequoia Red BLX

Rob Rietveld - Netherlands - Sequoia Red BLX


Bastian Werner - Hamburg - Arctic White MLX

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